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iRubric Z985A9: Guidelines for scoring an ad analysis essay.. Free rubric builder and assessment tools.
Ad Analysis Rubric. Sub-‐areas are worth 5 points each; refer to the Grading Rubric and assignment handouts for more details. 0-‐1.5: Absent/Not ... -‐10 per missing source; other elements vary. Plagiarism. -‐2 to -‐5 per missing citations; excessive missing citations may result in a. 0 for the essay. Citation Errors: Citation
2nd--Thesis statement is clear and comes from a contestable question or problem based on the ads and the videos/readings we've done. Thesis may also predict what's coming in the essay. 3rd--Each body paragraph includes a clear topic sentence that “outlines” or predicts what's coming in that paragraph. The thesis is
Rubric: Ad Analysis Essay. Appropriate Title: 0 1. 1. Introductory Paragraph. _____ Opens essay with title that is appropriate and interesting. _____ “Hooks” reader, establishes a frame of reference by introducing “advertising” and article. _____ Leads into the topic; invites continued reading. _____ Specifies the topic and
_____60 Body paragraphs analyzed the ad and applied at least 3 advertising appeals. ____visuals were identified and analyzed. ____words/text were identified and analyzed. ____appeals (from list) were listed and explained. ____advertising terms/language applied. ____analysis evident. _____20 Essay contained good
An excellent summary paragraph will give a thorough and objective summary that is between 80 and 120 words. The author does not read between the lines or make any judgements—this is an. EXPOSITORY paragraph where the author identifies all of the vital things that happen in the ad. Lastly, the essay is organized in
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contains a thesis, but the paper's focus may seem to drift at times ... missing or confusing description; cannot visualize ad enough for analysis to make sense. Ad Analysis. insightfully analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of the focal advertisement. effectively analyzes/evaluates the effectiveness of the focal advertisement.
ESSAY FOCUS. For this essay, you will choose two different advertisements and rhetorically analyze them using comparison and contrast. Throughout your essay, you will ... advertisement uses various rhetorical strategies to convince an audience to purchase a ... the essay rubric posted at the end of this handout.

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